Advanced Bonsai Course presented by Bjorn Bjorholm


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Gain unique access to the latest and most advanced Bonsai techniques in this online course! Created by Bjorn Bjorholm and Bonsai Empire. Rated 4.9 / 5 by the students.

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Introducing the Advanced Bonsai Course, an online tutorial offering unique access to the latest and most advanced Bonsai techniques. Instructor Bjorn Bjorholm guides you through the long-term impact of techniques on a wide variety of tree species. Topics include heavy bending, various grafting techniques, creating deadwood and advanced design principles – for trees in different stages of development.

But this course is not exclusively about advanced techniques. It also takes an unprecedented deep dive look into the philosophy and history of bonsai art, as well as aesthetic considerations that are crucial to improving your Bonsai skills. With almost 6 hours of lectures, this is the most extensive course we’ve ever created.

For $69.99 you get unlimited access to all the lectures in the curriculum below, without any recurring fees or hidden costs. After enrolling in the course, you will always have unlimited online access to all the lectures and to the learning materials, on any computer, tablet or mobile device you own. It is a completely self-paced online course. English subtitles are available on all lectures.


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