Instructors Manual for Introduction To Bonsai Course Syllabus


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Instructors Manual for Introduction To Bonsai Course Syllabus
Author: Tom Zane
Product Size 8.5″ x 11″During 15 years of teaching beginning bonsai with some success and, of course, some failures, Tom Zane assembled notes, used various audio visuals, did various demonstrations and had the students participate in sundry exercises. Most of this ended up in the teaching copy of the Syllabus. This Instructor’s Manual is the result.The Instructor’s Manual is designed to make your preparation for teaching Basic Bonsai as easy and as thorough as possible. It is intended to be used with the student’s resource book, Introduction to Bonsai – A Course Syllabus . The Manual provides a complete lesson plan based on the text of the Syllabus. It includes suggestions for teaching the basic materials and incorporates supplemental classroom exercises and enrichment resources beyond the basic material in the Syllabus. Most of this is inserted into the text at the point where it seems to be the most applicable.

Chapter materials in the Manual provide the basic lesson plan as well as additional resources to support your presentation for each chapter in the Syllabus. The topics in the chapter materials portion of the Manual use a similar organization throughout to help you locate the information which you need quickly.

For each chapter of the Syllabus, the Instructor’s Manual supplies a detailed lesson plan, pointers and considerations, suggests primary and optional activities, lists equipment and supplies and where appropriate, offers related material beyond the basics. In short, it provides you, the teacher a detailed step-by-step guide. Over 150
Pages in a 3-ring binder.

An Appendix lists sources of audio visualsAnother Appendix describes many items of print material about bonsai.

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