The Why, What, & How of Bonsai Soil


The Why, What, & How of Bonsai Soil

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The Why, What, & How of Bonsai Soil
Author: Brian Heltsley
Pages: 44
Publication Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2018
Product Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

Bonsai growing media must encourage and support a highly ramified network of fine roots in a very small volume. This booklet takes a novel approach to achieving that goal, bypassing the usual squabbling over “best” recipes. It explains how to quantitatively characterize any soil mix with simple measurements that anyone can perform. Ingredient selection can be consciously tuned for water retention, airflow, density, and cost. Easy to follow instructions empower hobbyists and professionals alike to develop and refine soils that meet their own needs.

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