About ABS
Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society, Inc. is the pioneering national bonsai organization. As a non-profit corporation, our purpose is to promote knowledge of and interest in bonsai and to serve as a national focal point for bonsai fanciers. We publish a Bonsai Journal, hold conventions for our members and provide a variety of educational and support services to the bonsai community. The Officers and Directors of ABS are unpaid volunteers who are dedicated to spreading the word about this wonderful, satisfying and challenging hobby. We support, rather than compete with, Bonsai Clubs International and other local, regional and international groups. Many of our Officers and Directors are founders, officers, or past officers of these organizations. We take pride in our commitment to growing these partnerships. While we focus on North American bonsai, we respect our historical “roots”, and we welcome international members.

Our members are committed to improving and developing talent. We hope to help you develop your skills.

Mission Statement
The American Bonsai Society is an association of individuals dedicated to promoting an interest in the art of bonsai. ABS acknowledges the contributions made by people of Asian nations to the traditions and nurturing of bonsai worldwide. Through its publications, symposia and other educational activities, ABS supports the development of bonsai styling and production techniques that reflect the diverse personality of North America and encourages the use of plant species indigenous or best suited for bonsai in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

To accomplish our mission we promote and encourage communication and learning among clubs and members. Clubs affiliated with ABS share a variety of resources in the area of educational development, membership recruitment, and organizational structure. Guides, conferences, and workshops are used to exchange ideas and experiences among participants. ABS also provides developing clubs with manuals, guides, and artist — often volunteering members — which enable them to grow into successful, strong educational organizations.

An annual symposium is run and attended by ABS members, several who participate regularly year after year, thus getting to know one another as friends, co-volunteers, and students of the art. The symposium is structured like a convention, with workshops, vendors, and demonstrations. In addition, many ABS members provide volunteer services to the sponsoring club or organization